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Said to be born with Acai cursing through his veins, Ben’s had a bit of a wild upbringing. He’s spent time as a Professional Baseballer in America, achieved a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and eventually became the founder of his own successful athlete specialist gym facility at age 20 which he owned and ran for many years. With an extremely diverse experience in business, it was the development of his and Sam’s brain-child though, Acai Brothers, that finally settled this wild soul down.

With a background and title of Head of Marketing, Branding and Design for Acai Brothers, Ben is known for his incredibly unique and successful marketing techniques and innovative design processes. With his expertise lying in content
creation, brand development and social media marketing, Ben’s
innovative marketing and boundless imagination guide our internal
marketing department here at Acai Brothers.



Sam is Ben’s Acai Brother from another mother and the other half and brain to this dynamic fruit loving duo. An Australian track star in another life, it’s believed that it was the consumption of  copious amounts of acai that made him run so fast. A business and marketing major from university, Sam also put his degree to good use, running a successful gym franchise from a young age. However, like Ben, Sam didn’t find his true calling till he stumbled across a mysterious purple berry with an Amazonian heritage.

Head of Franchise Sales and Operations, Sam leads up the company’s franchising
department and provides the group with extensive knowledge and
guidance when it comes to operational compliance, legal and
finance. With his extensive background, Sam’s strengths lie in
the development of businesses, and fostering strong relationships and
networks to contribute to the overall success of the Acai Brothers company.


Acai Brothers are Australia’s leading Superfood Bar franchise and have become internationally recognised for their innovation within the hospitality realm. Specialising in Acai Bowls, Smoothies, Juices, Coffee and more, Acai Brothers have become widely renowned for creating delicious and affordable healthy food options.

Despite the name, Acai Brothers was in fact the brain-child of two best mates, Ben Day and Sam Carson. After opening and  operating their first store in 2014, the boys have now grown their brand to over 20 stores nationally. Grounded within health and fitness, Ben and Sam were motivated to create a brand that not only supplied their customers with a healthy way to eat out, but one that encompassed and embodied important qualities such as community, lifestyle and fitness.

Known for their cheeky and innovative marketing techniques, Acai Brothers have become dominant contenders within their industry. With plans to expand into the international market in 2019, it’s safe to say the boys don’t plan to slow down any time soon.

our mission

Our mission is to provide healthy fast food alternatives  available to everyone. Our stores are locally based and are well connected within their community. We are grounded within  innovation and quality and pride ourselves on being a big  business, with small business values.


Acai Brothers is entrenched in creating and maintaining  grassroots movements, and we believe that developing and supporting local businesses will remain at the core of who we are and what we do.


As a brand, we promise to support and encourage others to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. We promise to remain grounded within providing fresh and high quality ingredients, whilst constantly striving to ensure our brand remains sustainably conscious.


We are an international family that pride ourselves on our sense of unity and never taking ourselves too seriously. We strive to achieve a culture within our stores that moves, inspires and elevates those around us.



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